My work, as a whole, is about attending to certain ordinary but oft-overlooked things that define our experience of the world. The subject matter of my paintings and prints varies widely, from cityscapes to landscapes to local trees and birds to human figures. What the different series have in common is an intentional tarrying with the objects, people, images, and scapes that figure prominently on the limited horizon of my life.

I live and work in Charlottesville, VA, where I currently teach ethics at the University of Virginia. I was trained as an oil painter, but more recently I have been working in a variety of media including gouache and ink, acrylic, watercolor pencil, as well as photography and collage. 

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2014    PhD, University of Virginia, Religious Studies

2006   MDiv, Regent College, University of British Columbia

2002   BA, Wake Forest University, Religion and Studio Art



2016   "Oak and Locust," Mezzanine Gallery, New Dominion Bookshop, Charlottesville, VA

2012   "Black Locust of My Heart," New City Arts Gallery in the WVTF/NPR Studio, Charlottesville, VA

2011    "The Life of a Gesture," The Garage, Charlottesville, VA

2010   "The City in Which I Love You," Mezzanine Gallery, New Dominion Bookshop, Charlottesville, VA

2007   "The Possibility of Crows," novel., Charlottesville, VA

2006   "Home," Java Java, Charlottesville, VA



2017   "Land and Flight," Joint Exhibit with Christen Yates, The Garage, Charlottesville, VA

2016  "Dappled Things," The Garage, Charlottesville, VA

2014   New City Arts Artist Exchange, Charlottesville, VA

2011    Space 38/39, International Arts Movement, New York, NY

2010   "Feast," New City Arts Collaborative Exhibit, NPR/WVTF Studio, Charlottesville, VA

2008   Emerging Artists Exhibit, Sage Moon Gallery, Charlottesville, VA

2006   Regent College Group Exhibit, Lookout Gallery, Vancouver, BC